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  • Address:Guang Ming Village,Tianpeng Town, Peng Zhou City,Chengdu City, Sichuan Province 611930,China

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So far ,Main products of the company right now are: TV/computer monitor disassembly line, CRT steel belt remover, The 5th CRT Auto Cutter, the 8th CRT Double Cutter,The3rd CRT Dry Washer, CRT Panel and Funnel washing line, CRT cullet glass washing line, CRT lead detector, refrigerator recycling system, air-conditioner & washing machine disassembly line, PCB recycling system, heat energy recycling of waste water system and so on. Also, there are high-efficiency copper recycler, foam extruder, compressor, cutting machine, washer cylinder shaft disassembly machine, and waste paper fiber insulator production line etc. that have been developed by Loyalty. It has been obtained 13 patent authorizations. Our best performance products have been saled to several foreign countries. The market share of our products in domestic cover up  to 60%.

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