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R11 Recovery system



R11 Recovery System is equipped to recycle Freon within foam vesicant which will go into the air and make atmospheric pollution in the process of refrigerator crushing. The system changes Freon from a gaseous to a liquid state through collection, adsorption, desorption and recovery of gas mixture, and then recycle the Freon by separation. It is efficiently prevent atmospheric ozone layer from Freon damage.


-Recycles Freon in a liquid state
-Small in volume, easy to operate and fine appearance

-High working efficiency, low power consumption, pro-environment and recycled use


R11 Recovery System consists of chiller, freezer, steam generator, water softener, cooling heat exchanger, activated carbon adsorption tank, adsorption fan, electric cabinet, cyclopentane detector, dry blower, R11 detector and water pump, etc    





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