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6th Generation Refrigerator Recycling System




Among all wasted electronic appliances, the disposal and recycling of refrigerators are the most typical one which requires special treating technology.   Based on its years of E-waste recycling experiences and combination of newest international skills, Loyalty has successfully announced its 6th Generation Refrigerator Recycling Line.


-Advanced 4 shaft shredder shreds refrigerators in to 3~5cm pieces in one time.
-Separate refrigerators into iron, aluminum, copper, plastic and compressed   PURFoam. 
Capacity up to 30~40units/hours, 240-320units/shift.  Compress the PUR foam volume from 6 to 1, saving storage room.

-Equipped with R11 Recovery system, abstract and recover Freon gas escaping from the foam in shredding process.

-Equipped with 2 set of Nitrogen Extinguishing System. Once there is fire emergency, the system can send alarm and put out the fire by filling nitrogen.

-High automation requiring only 10~12 operators; low power consumption and noise.

-Real time monitor system, operators can see the working status inside the line from LCD screen.

-Ergonomic design - security ladder and guardrail enhance safety of the operators.

-Save your maintenance cost by reduced malfunction rate.

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